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The French regions (part 1)

Здраво на сите!

When we travel, it is always interesting to discover all the different cultures and habits of the different people.

The game of Baseball in Bulgaria, from its humble beginnings, to the ambitious stares in the future of the young talents

The game of Baseball. We can easily say that this is definitely not the most popular of the team-based sports in the eastern reaches of Europe.

How the modern Bulgarian movie industry changed the lives of many young Bulgarians

In the recent years in Bulgaria, there is a significant growth in the production of Bulgarian films and TV series.

How the Bulgarians celebrate the 1st of March or “Baba Marta”

As you probably know, here at INFO SEGA, a small team of volunteers was formed, which participates in different projects with aims towards the youth.

Experiencing a carnival in Prilep

Здраво everybody!

On Sunday, 18th of February, it was the orthodox forgiveness day Prochka “Прочка” in Prilep.

Intercultural evening

The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.

Тhe unique asymmetric measures in the Macedonian and Bulgarian folklore

Every young person from Macedonia and Bulgaria should know, that the folklore of our two countries and more especially the folklore music is very special and almost unique to the world for one peculiarity and these are the so called in English “uneven beats” or “asymmetric measures” or also “irregular times (timings)”.

Why French can be dreadfully difficult?

Здраво, everybody!

Often, my non-francophone friends ask me some translations or some French tips.